The doctor is in pain

At 4am, I woke up from a crazy dream with pain in my abdomen. I was sweating and my

By Dinesh Arab

COVID-19: Two steps forward and one step back

Recent weeks have seen two major developments which will affect all of us. The first

By Dinesh Arab

Tour de Pain

The Tour de France is a test of human endurance, grit, athleticism and death-defying

By Dinesh Arab
Base 50 Conceptuales

The need for public discourse on the ethics of research on coronaviruses

You have watched countless movies with the same plot—scientists try to modify a

By Dr Dinesh Arab

How mRNA companies were ahead of the game when Covid-19 struck

It’s a David v Goliath story and probably one of the biggest medical inventions of

By Dr Dinesh Arab

Heart to heart

I connected instantly with the old man; there was something about his eyes and the

By Dinesh Arab

Cholesterol whispers

So what do you think is your most valuable asset? The shares of that company which

By Dinesh Arab

All in your head

So, you have that fantastic job, or better still, you own the company. You have a

By Dinesh Arab

How I became an Ironman

Everyone has a story after the first Ironman. There is a saying, you come to Ironman

By Dinesh Arab


The colours of childhood memories

Let us not deny our children the pleasures of being a grandchild

By Ancy K Sunny
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