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India Art Fair: Converting photographs into latte art

coffetography-sanjay-ahlawat Latte art by Fiona Gomes at the India Art Fair, New Delhi | Sanjay Ahlawat

Imagine experiencing conversion of photographic works into latte art. Would you still drink a freshly brewed cuppa coffee? At an event held recently at India Art Fair, Le Meridien's barista and éclair chef Fiona Gomes took inspiration from the pictures of celebrated photographer Lucie Robinson, and recreated the art through 'coffetography'.

The latte art was created by adding chocolate syrup to a syringe, used as a tool to create the art. Gomes replicated a woman wearing a classic hat as captured by the photographer. She used chocolate syrup to give an outline and edible colour to add detailing to the hat on the freshly brewed coffee. 

However, latte art cannot be done by just about anyone. It requires finesse and knowledge. "You need a right consistency of the espresso and the chemistry of the milk. The milk needs to be warmed at not more than a temperature of 65 degrees because otherwise the milk will retain more moisture and you won't get a perfect froth. If there's too much air in the milk, the bubbles will be formed, which will not allow the latte art to stick to the surface," explains Gomes.

Le Meridien's 'Follow Me' campaign is a visual journey through five artists. Robinson was one of them. The campaign launched 11 years ago provided artists a platform to showcase their creative work to global audience by capturing pictures inspired by the glamorous era of travel in the 60s. 

Robinson, in her works, had showcased a visual experience by capturing the romance of travel through her chic lens after she undertook journey to several countries. The programme titled 'Follow Me' led her to capture 24-hour visuals in the chosen theme of 'Golden age of Travel' and 'Rouge’ that were artfully synced with the day-to-night transition.

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