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More than half of Indian parents don't allow children to play outside

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The new-age parents are over protective. They get very upset if the child falls sick and misses classes. So they also tend to go overboard and deprive children of a normal childhood. According to a recent survey by Kantar IMRB for Dr. Batra's Homeopathy, around 55 per cent of the parents don't let their children play outside. 17 per cent of the parents don't even allow them to play with their friends, fearing they will get sick. Ice creams, chocolates and cold drinks are forbidden to 79 per cent of kids in the country.

By over protecting our children, we are creating a generation of weaklings, says Dr Batra, founder and chairman emeritus of Dr. Batra's group of companies. ''Children should be exposed to basic bacteria. It will boost their immune systems and help them build antibodies to fight infections. Parents must allow their children to fall sick.'' Being raised in a highly sanitized environment does more harm than good to the child, he adds.

Most parents dread winter. Cold weather can trigger asthma attacks in children. Batra says having a pet dog or car could reduce your child's risk of developing an allergy. ''If the child grows with a little bit of dust, pollen and animal hair, they become immune to it. Pets can improve the child's psychological health and well being too. Bonding with a pet makes them confident and loving and they learn responsibility,'' he says. However, if the child is suffering from a strong allergy, better don't keep the pet in the house, says Batra. ''Also, don't go for pets which are hairy. It's the hair that causes the allergy, not the animal,'' he adds.

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