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How safe are you and your information in cyber space?

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Keeping your jewelry in bank lockers and having surveillance cameras installed at home are some of the basic safety measures one takes. But what about your emails and bank account information? How safe is it from cyber threats?

To stay safe in the cyber world, there are several measures that you can follow. Enabling two factor authentication can help protect your email accounts from being hacked.

“Every popular email provider and social network now has an option for two-factor authentication, where you would need a username/password as well as a one-time password (OTP) via SMS to log into the application,” says Rahul Sasi of CloudSek Info Security, Bengaluru. “'By default, the two-factor authentication might not be enabled. Enabling it improves security.” Sasi has come up with a cyber security product based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

Cyber experts advise against reusing passwords between sites. Always be careful while granting permission to websites to access your personal data. Even Facebook allows third party apps to access users' private data, if they have granted the permission. Before ticking the 'I agree' checkbox, make sure the website is secure and read the terms and conditions agreement and privacy policy carefully.

Beware of phishing emails. They come in many forms. If you get a mail from Yahoo or Google asking you to take immediate action, check the domain name first. A mail from Google will not have the domain name associated with it. It could only be or a subdomain name like

Make sure you have an antivirus software installed on your computer. It is worth paying for an antivirus software, especially if you have sensitive or private data that you cannot afford to be compromised. Update the software whenever you get notifications. It can go a long way in protecting your computer from potential cyber threats.

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