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Harsh Vardhan calls for green social responsibility

PTI2_13_2018_000079B [FILE] Union Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Dr Harsh Vardhan inaugurates a workshop on pollution abatement technologies 'Clean Air Campaign', in New Delhi on Tuesday | PTI

Minister for Environment, Forests and Climate Change Dr Harsh Vardhan is propagating the concept of 'green social responsibility' among individuals, corporates and institutions. The ministry has identified a list of 500 'green good deeds' that people can do, as their little bit towards healing the environment. 

“Every citizen should become a green volunteer so that we can relay the environment we inherited form our ancestors to the generation that is yet to take birth. This is our moral resposibility,” Vardhan said. 

The minister has an exhibition on the lawns of his official residence for the past few weeks, and everyday, busloads of students are invited to see the activities of the environment and science and technology ministries. It is part of his initiative to sensitise the young impressionable minds. “I would like all, particularly the youth, to understand the impact of our deeds, and try to make them as environment friendly as possible,'' he said. 

He has also launched an app, called Dr Harsh Vardhan, through which people can interact with him directly. “This is a facility through which people learn of the activities of the ministry, as well as through which they can send their recommendations and suggestions. They can even post videos of their work or recommend green samaritans, whose work we plan to eventually recognise formally,'' he told THE WEEK. He is the second minister, after Prime minister Narendra Modi, to have an app in his name. The app, which is in the beta testing stage, is already available at app stores, for both Android and iOS versions. 

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