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Science of yoga does not demand any kind of belief system or philosophy: Sadhguru


Where does India stand today?

In spite of all its problems and contradictions, if the world is looking to a rapidly resurgent India today and an India that is about to join the ranks of developed nations, the silent and subtle contribution of the rich spiritual process inherent in the land and its people is undeniable. Though obscured by hundreds of years of foreign occupation and distorted by the aggressors, the relative peace, contentment, and harmony of the Indian people and the society are clearly the fruits of the carefully crafted spiritual process.

What more needs to be done to promote universal peace and understanding?

Today we have tremendous tools of science and technology, which are life enhancing but also capable of destroying the world. It is essential that we have an inner sense and awareness of life, that we experience every other being as a part of ourselves. For all the problems of humanity, the solution is in enlarging one’s perception of life, from individuality to universality. If a certain percentage of the population truly becomes meditative, definitely the quality of the world will change. Particularly, if a significant part of the leadership in the world becomes meditative and experiences a certain sense of inclusiveness, it will make a great difference.

How will yoga and the teachings of Hinduism solve the problems of the world?

Yoga is not a practice or a teaching. When we say “yoga,” we are not referring to a particular practice, to twisting and turning your body. Yoga means to know the union of life. When you experience everything as a part of yourself, you are in yoga. If you want to take care of problems in the world, the first and foremost thing that you need to take care of is that you are not a problem. That is what yoga is about—approaching your wellbeing in a scientific manner.

When you talk to foreigners, what is it that they like the most about India? Are more and more westerners keen to settle in India?

India has always been known as the spiritual capital of the world, because no other culture has looked at the inner sciences with as much depth and understanding as this culture.

Today, with the way education is imparted, a spiritual process will not mean anything unless it is offered as a science. The science of yoga does not demand any kind of belief system or philosophy. This has been practiced for thousands of years, and it works. In this sense, the future of the world is in yoga. This is the USP of this culture that is immensely immediately valued worldwide. We need to make this inner wellbeing visible for the nation to benefit from the profound knowing. 

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