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Individuals can be transformed through love and compassion: Mata Amritanandamayi

amruthanda Mata Amritanandamayi | Sanjoy Ghosh

When you talk to the Americans, what is it that they like the most about you? Do they come to know more about India through you? Are they keen on visiting India or, may be, even settling here close to their 'Amma'?

Not just Americans, but all people in general are longing to experience true love. There is an inner thirst to find someone who will lend a compassionate ear, so that they can pour out their heart. I don't speak any language other than my mother tongue, Malayalam. But through love there is perfect communication, no matter what language we speak.

India, certainly, is the home of the ancient spiritual knowledge. This knowledge has been attracting people from the West since time immemorial. People from all over the world still come to India to learn about the ancient science and to be with spiritual masters.

In these times of economic uncertainties, how does one benefit from the teachings of Amma? It is not a peaceful environment that we are living in now. Many parts of the world are affected by war, mass migration and miseries. Can Amma's teachings help promote universal peace and understanding?

Life has always been full of uncertainties; that is its nature. However, we also have very powerful and effective tools to help us face and overcome these uncertainties. They are love and compassion. These are the pillars of spiritual life. Through them Amma is promoting peace and understanding, and people spontaneously feel inspired.

Love and compassion are the two fundamental principles of life. Without them, life will always be unfulfilling, regardless of our sphere of action. They are the supreme governing principle of the universe. Out of ignorance and ego, we, the human beings, keep abandoning these two principles. People belonging to various belief systems are determined to force their views on others. This naturally leads to a lack of understanding and culminates in conflict and war. We should ask ourselves, “Why do we want to enforce our perspective on another? Why can’t we let others live peacefully with their own way of thinking and faith?”

We have speakers, poets and writers who talk and describe love in beautiful flowery language. But words without heart have no effect. In reality, love and compassion cannot be taught. They can only be expressed through soul-transforming actions. What today’s world needs are inspiring examples—perfect role models, people who can “walk the talk.”

There is war and misery everywhere in the world. It is impossible to change that in one stroke. But individuals can be transformed through love and compassion. I have tremendous faith in that because I see that transformation happening around me every day—a very tangible change.  

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