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Trump will be India’s natural ally


Interview/ A.D. Amar, president, Indian Americans for Trump

Among the first of the Indian diaspora to come out in support of Donald Trump, Amar Dev Amar took the lead in setting up the political action committee Indian Americans for Trump 2016 and was elected its president.

The management professor at the Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall University, New Jersey, explains why Trump is good for the US and for India. Excerpts:

Trump’s campaign is losing steam.

No, his chances are better today than at any point in the campaign. As people get to know the candidates, and are presented with facts, they understand just why Hill-Bill are not the right people to lead the country.

What are your observations on Trump’s recently released 100-day plan in office?

If he is able to achieve even half of it, the US will be much better from the point of trade, immigration, condition of veterans and condition of inner cities. America is in bad shape, and Trump’s plan has vision.

A plan needs a team to execute it. Where will he find people? So many Republicans are critical of him.

Haven’t you noticed how many of them are coming back? Nikki Haley (South Carolina governor) who was critical earlier says she’ll vote for him. There are so many others, too.

Also, Trump is not a true Republican or a Democrat, he is a mix. That is why he is taking away Democrat votes. Polls say 27 per cent of blacks are voting for him, that will be the largest number of blacks voting for a Republican since the 60s. Of course, he will be able to form a team.

But foreign policy will get upside down. He has already said he’ll chuck climate change commitments.

We have lost so much to China that it’s natural for the nation to feel we shouldn’t be helping clean up China-created pollution. Obama inherited a trade deficit with China of $226 billion in 2008. Last year, it had risen to $367 billion.

The US doesn’t have jobs, 27 million are on food stamps, 47 million below poverty line. We have to increase our manufacturing, not worry about China’s air.

How do you think his relations will be with India? We have made joint commitments on climate change.

Trump will be India’s natural ally. Republican governments are always better for India. George Bush helped improve ties, Bill Clinton just talked.

Trump says he likes Hindus. India is not made of only Hindus.

It was a natural interchanging of India and Hindu, something many people still do. He is not against Muslims, he is against Islamic terrorism.

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