India will be shaken

21amitsha Flag off: BJP president Amit Shah with Chandra Bose at a rally in Kolkata | AFP

Why did you join the BJP?

I was moved by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. More so, his landmark decision to release every file related to Netaji. Did any previous prime minister ever even try that? Also, he is planning massive development projects, and I want to be part of them.

But, you were part of left politics in West Bengal.

Yes, I was with the Forward Bloc, as the party had been established by my grand-uncle [Subhas Chandra Bose]. But the party failed to carry forward his legacy.

Does the BJP follow Netaji’s ideology?

I won't say yes or no. The BJP has to change. I know it has a problem, like any other party. But it has brought back the names of Swami Vivekananda and Netaji, which people had begun to forget, thanks to the Congress rule. Our family wrote several letters to former prime minister Manmohan Singh about Netaji's disappearance. But he did not even bother to reply.

Will you contest in the upcoming assembly election in West Bengal?

I am open to it, but that is something the party will decide.

What will be your primary campaign plank be? Netaji?

Of course, Netaji will be one of them. But the election cannot be fought on the Netaji issue alone. There are other issues as well such as misgovernance, the degrading law and order situation and the lack of industrialisation.

The first batch of hundred declassified files have no big revelations.

Who said so? The files hinted that the Soviets allowed Netaji to enter Russia. Also, more files would follow. So far, as per the information I have received, there will be explosive revelations in the coming days. Have patience; India will be shaken. Even Russian and British files would be released.

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