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MDI in Gurugram reaps the benefits of being in a corporate neighbourhood

  • ONE OF MDI’S strong suits is that it has always kept pace with the times and has REINVENTED ITSELF.

When Ganesh Shashank, from Hyderabad, got 98.5 percentile in the Common Admission Test, IIM Trichy seemed to be the logical option. However, he applied to Management Development Institute in Gurugram. The IIM brand name did not matter to him, especially as Trichy was one of the newer IIMs and hence its quality was under question. Now, he is happy that he chose MDI because of the immersive experience at the institute, which is in the hub of corporate activity.

A business school cannot be more aptly located. The 38-acre campus is opposite corporate bigwigs such as Panasonic, Hindustan Unilever, Royal Bank of Scotland and Oracle. “Gurugram offers a lot of variety in terms of exposure, so students have a wide menu to choose from for their internships or projects,” says C.P. Shrimali, acting director, MDI. “Similarly, it is also easier for companies to come to our campus during conclaves, the placement season or just to give a talk.”

One of MDI’s strong suits is that it has always kept pace with the times and has reinvented itself. For instance, in business, there is now a stream of young leaders. “People are becoming CEOs and vertical heads in their early 30s, which was not seen earlier,” says Shrimali. “They are willing to take risks to start out on their own. Companies expect them to become business leaders. We have to be cognisant of the needs of businesses.” The institute, therefore, focuses on leadership training. “Knowing only your core subjects is not enough,” he says. “Students’ personality has to be moulded in such a way that they are able to excel in leadership roles.”

The institute has psychometric tests designed to measure a candidate’s suitability for a role. There are also behavioural labs, where simulated situations are created and the students’ responses are recorded. They are then given feedback on how to improve their answers.

Students are also encouraged to take up live projects, which give them a taste of the challenges businesses face. For instance, when the iPhone 6 was launched last year, students had to submit a report on whether its marketing strategy had worked, and how.

Also, MDI is the only business school in India to have its own mutual fund club, called Unnati. Students interested in finance get firsthand experience of investing in stock markets. “We invest directly in stocks and our returns have been phenomenal,” says Akash Gupta, a second-year student. “Returns have been 20 per cent year on year. We have a Bloomberg Terminal in the college, which helps in tracking markets. Our faculty and seniors also help us make the right selection.”

Its focus on academic excellence aside, a highlight of MDI is its 24-hour campus. Eateries are open round the clock and the library is open till 4am. Moreover, Gurugram lends a lot of vibrance to the institute.

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