Online school of IT professions Rebotica enters Indian market

The teaching staff of Rebotica in India consists of 10 experts for now


Rebotica, an online IT professions school for children, announces the launch of its operations across India. The company has successfully completed testing of its services for Indian schoolchildren and is moving into an active growth stage in the region. Rebotica's team in India comprises more than 20 employees, including educators, sales managers, customer support and business development managers.

India is one of the most developed IT markets, according to statista 2021 IT services market turnover exceeded $95 bn and the forecast for 2022 is an increase to $ 101 bn. Developers from India are highly demanded in the International market and there are about 3.5 thousand IT development companies in the country.

Rebotica starts its operations in the region through a local representative of the company. Until the opening of a subsidiary in India, which is planned for 2022, the representative will interact with local official bodies and carry out all financial operations for accepting payments from students and make payments to teachers.

The teaching staff of Rebotica in India consists of 10 experts for now and enrollment of more than 50 students have been registered already. After the end of the testing period, the company plans to increase the number of teachers to 50+ and enrollment of more than 500 students within a year. Moreover, In Russia, Rebotica school has more than 200 teachers and the number of enrolled students is more than 2 thousand.

The official website of the company has been recently launched in India as well, where the descriptions of all the educational modules of Rebotica are available. Special emphasis is on the programs on Machine Learning as the international market specialists of this area are in high demand. The list of Rebotica programs available to students from India:

  • Game Developer;

  • Blogger;

  • Programmer/Developer;

  • Web Designer;

  • 3D Modeler;

  • ML Engineer.