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Bobby Darling charges husband with harassment and dowry


Television and film actor Bobby Darling has filed a complaint with police alleging that her husband Ramnik Sharma, a resident of Bhopal has been torturing her to get control over her wealth and property.

In her complaint, Pakhi Sharma better known as Bobby Darling town acused her husband of domestic violence, demanding dowry and forcing her into unnatural sex.

Few years ago Bobby Darling, a popular transgender actor, had undergone sex change in Bangkok to become a female after participating in the television reality show Bigg Boss in 2006. After her sex change, she married Ramnik Sharma from Bhopal in Februrary 2016. Her mariage was a high-profile affair.

After one year of married life, Bobby originally a resident of Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi filed a complaint with Delhi police that she is being tortured by her husband. She alleged that Ramnik and his parents were harassing her for dowry and trying to get control over her property which she earned from acting in Bollywood.

Delhi police last week transferred the complaint to Habibganj police station of Bhopal for investigation as Ramnik and his parents lived here. Though Bobby lived in Delhi, she had relocated to Bhopal after her marriage. Anticipating such an action from his wife, Bobby's husband Ramnik too had filed a complaint with Bhopal police accusing his wife of behaving ruthlessly and leaving his house without informing him.

He told the Bhopal police that she behaved abnormally and was a drug addict. Ramnik said that the actress took with her several lakh rupees in cash, gold ornaments and property papers from his Bhopal house without informing anyone. He said the matter was reported by him to Kolar police station in Bhopal on August 20. In fact, he had also filed a missing person's complaint.

After the complaint filed in Delhi was forwarded to Bhopal police, the investigation of the matter was handed over to CSP Habibganj Bhupendra Singh.  Bobby told the CSP over phone that  “trouble started after a month of the wedding. I thought with time my husband will change and situation will become better but he would drink during daytime and made my life worse.”

According to Bobby's police complaint, her husband Ramnik was physically violent towards her family. She added in her complaint that Ramnik had hoodwinked her into getting married. According to Bobby, “Ramnik had a criminal record with Bhopal police, which he hid from me when we were getting married. He claimed that he is a cinema hall owner, but that too was fake.”

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