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The mind of the billionaire detainee

  • Family man
    Family man: Roy with his wife Swapna, daughters-in-law Richa and Chandani at a family ceremony | Getty Images

Subrata Roy shared his thoughts on a number of issues with one of his close aides.

On his imprisonment: This is illegal detention. There is no social blame, no first information report, no charges and no contempt [of court]. When the Reserve bank of India banned residuary non-banking companies, we cleared liability up to Rs18,000 crore to five crore depositors. All payments were done under the command of two statutory auditors and three additional directors appointed by the RBI.

On money laundering charges: I have always challenged these allegations publicly. There is not a single benami account.

On life in Tihar: I have met and interviewed almost 20 dreaded criminals for my book. At the same time, I have witnessed a classless and inclusive society. This model should be replicated in the world outside Tihar. This is also the best sleep I have ever had. I sleep eight to nine hours here compared with three to four hours [I do normally]. Here I have no social obligations, so I can sleep unencumbered.

On the lowest point in his life: This current phase is definitely the lowest point because I am so stuck.

On being jilted by friends: People are cowards, what can you do? I still love my country. But now I will be more practical. I will choose my friends more carefully. I will now know my true friends from the fair-weather ones.

On his release: I will visit my mother in Sahara Shehar, Lucknow. After that I will go on an all-India tour to meet all my staff and investors.

On his mantra in life: You cannot always alter the circumstances, but you can always alter your attitude towards the circumstances.

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