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A diet tracker by your side; thanks to food recognition tech

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How do you feel about a technology that can tell the nutritional content in your food? If you have been counting carbs and proteins everytime you eat, it is time to stop it. Because now there is "referee"—a food and nutrition detector from GOQii, which can automatically detect food in the plate. All the user has to do is take a picture of the food plate and the referee will detect its nutrition information by scanning the food photos.

GOQii referee uses food recognition machine learning algorithms to identify many different foods and their nutrition information. Using artificial intelligence (AI), neural networks, computer vision and image recognition, Referee identifies the nutrition information in Indian and continental cuisines. GOQii Referee has been tested on thousands of diverse dishes ranging from Indian and continental cuisine list.

So, if you are having dosa, idli, poha, upma, khichdi or chaat, the referee can tell you the calories you are taking in. It can also detect a host of other food items—chhole, dhokla, Biriyani, food items with rice, porridge, sandwich and variety of fruits.

GOQii is a health ecosystem and preventive healthcare platform that helps people shift to a healthier lifestyle with combination of wearable technology and guidance from leading experts, doctors and coaches.  The focus is on sustained engagement and goal reinforcement, offering a complete ecosystem as a single integrated solution, which is a powerful combination of technology and human connection.

When you buy a GOQii fitness band, what you get is not only a wearable tracker but also a personalised coach, wherein experts give health and nutrition advice based on health goals. You can also consult doctors and book diagnostic tests via the app.

Goqii has also come up with Arena—a motivational platform that will help GOQii users connect and motivate each other in making a lifestyle change for a better and healthy life.  The users through GOQii Arena can create their own groups of people with similar health goals and challenge each other, thereby creating opportunities to promote healthy living. 

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