Thigh five

  • Model: Aishwarya Raman
  • Model: Aishwarya Raman
  • Model: Aishwarya Raman

The hip adductors form a group of five muscles that make up the bulk of the inner thigh. The primary function of these muscles is to pull the thigh inward and to stabilise the pelvis when bearing weight. Weak adductors can result in groin injury and pain. Here is a simple stretch to strengthen this group of muscles.

* Placing two chairs side by side, stand upright in front of the one on the left.
* Raise right leg to the side.
* Rest the heel on the seat of the chair on the right.
* Stretch the right heel; ensure the left foot is pointing forward.
* Pull both the knee caps and tighten the quadriceps.
* Gently bend forward and grip the top of the chair on left with both hands.
* Push the root of the thigh down, lift the chest and navel upward and look up.
* Stay with slow breathing for 20-30 seconds.
* Slowly come up and bring the right leg down.
* Repeat the exercise with the left leg and relax.

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