Fix your neck and shoulder
Fix your neck and shoulder

The neck and the shoulder are anatomically complex and prone to injuries, besides

By Dr S.N. Omkar
Back and forth
Back and forth

The back is a complex structure supporting the body and enabling movement, while the

By Dr S.N. Omkar
Trunk call
Trunk call

Stretching the sides of the trunk is important for improving the flexibility in the

By Dr S.N. Omkar
Wheel of safety
Wheel of safety

METHOD * Place a yoga wheel, approximately 40cm in diameter and 15cm in width, on a

By Dr S.N. Omkar
  • Hip hip hooray!

    Hip hip hooray!

    The muscles surrounding the hip joint—hip flexors, extensors, abductors and

    By Dr S.N. Omkar February 04, 2024
  • A strong and flexible spine

    A strong and flexible spine

    Positioned at the front of the thigh, the quadriceps, along with the muscles in the

    By Dr S.N. Omkar January 07, 2024
  • Stretch magic

    Stretch magic

    Stretching your pelvis, abdomen, chest, and the neck is essential for anatomical

    By Dr S.N. Omkar December 03, 2023
  • Takes two to tango

    Takes two to tango

    In our everyday lives, our legs and trunk play pivotal roles, offering indispensable

    By Dr S.N. Omkar November 05, 2023
  • Healthier lower limb

    Healthier lower limb

    The lateral or outer thigh muscles play a crucial role in maintaining the hip and

    By Dr S.N. Omkar October 01, 2023
  • Stretch your medial thigh

    Stretch your medial thigh

    The medial thigh surrounds the groin and extends down to the knee. The muscles,

    By Dr S.N. Omkar September 03, 2023
  • Don’t back down

    Don’t back down

    Prolonged sitting or standing with slouchy shoulders, frequently looking down at

    By Dr S.N. Omkar August 06, 2023
  • Treat for your feet

    Treat for your feet

    The human feet are complex structures that support our body weight, facilitate

    By Dr S.N. Omkar July 09, 2023
  • Protect your knees

    Protect your knees

    The knee is a crucial joint protected by four ligaments—two cross-shaped ligaments

    By Dr S.N. Omkar June 11, 2023
  • Stretch your toes

    Stretch your toes

    Your foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints and over 100 tendons, muscles and ligaments.

    By Dr S.N. Omkar May 07, 2023