Pain killer
Pain killer

Long working hours can lead to a poor posture. It can also cause discomfort in...

By Dr S.N. Omkar
4 Muscle health
4 Muscle health

The quadriceps femoris is a large fleshy muscle group covering the front and...

By Dr S.N. Omkar
Get a leg up
Get a leg up

The muscles of the posterior thigh (hamstrings) and the calf muscle, along with...

By Dr S.N. Omkar
Trunk call
Trunk call

Twisting the trunk provides immediate relief from stiffness on the lower back....

By Dr S.N. Omkar
  • Back in business

    Back in business

    The lower back is the most busy region of the body in terms of movement, load...

    By Dr S.N. Omkar January 02, 2022
  • Quite a hip move!

    Quite a hip move!

    One of the high load-bearing and functionally-active areas is the complex...

    By Dr S.N. Omkar December 05, 2021
  • Twist to relax, buddy!

    Twist to relax, buddy!

    The pelvis and the abdomen host several organs, which can be stimulated through

    By Dr S.N. Omkar November 07, 2021
  • For a firm hip

    For a firm hip

    The hip girdle and the spinal column are interconnected through a host of...

    By Dr S.N. Omkar October 03, 2021
  • Stretch brings strength

    Stretch brings strength

    The lower back, the hip and the pelvic complex need to be in good condition for

    By Dr S.N. Omkar September 05, 2021
  • Strengthen trunk muscles

    Strengthen trunk muscles

    The trunk is the main part of the body, between the hip and the shoulder...

    By Dr S.N. Omkar July 22, 2021
  • A stronger neck

    A stronger neck

    Proper movements are a must to keep the neck healthy. Here is an exercise for...

    By Dr S.N. Omkar July 04, 2021
  • Twist and relax

    Twist and relax

    The abdominal cavity has quite a few organs supported by the lower back (lumbar

    By Dr S.N. Omkar June 06, 2021
  • Poses to stimulate the vagal nerves

    Poses to stimulate the vagal nerves

    Proper relaxation is essential not only to be active but to be healthy too.

    By Dr S.N. Omkar May 02, 2021
  • Back-up plan

    Back-up plan

    A stable back is essential to stay active. There are many bridge postures that

    By Dr S.N. Omkar April 04, 2021