Stretch magic


Stretching your pelvis, abdomen, chest, and the neck is essential for anatomical well-being. It enhances flexibility in the hip joints and maintains core muscle health. It improves lung capacity, and relieves tension in the neck and the shoulders. It will help contribute to better posture, digestion, and respiratory efficiency. Incorporating stretches into your yoga routine is crucial for promoting health and vitality.

Here, we introduce a posture that helps the pelvis, the abdomen, and the chest. The pelvic floor muscles and the urogenital organs are also benefited.


* Position a chair with its seat against your back

* Join the feet and push the knees close to the floor

* Bring the heels close to the pelvis

* Press the palms on the floor and lift the chest and the navel

* Gradually elevate your hips, leaning on to the chair for support

* Align your upper back against the chair's seat

* Extend both arms upward stretching them along the chair's frame

* Press your forearms against the chair's frame, palms facing upwards

* Firmly grip the chair and slowly lower your hips back on to the mat

* Hold this posture for approximately two minutes

* Maintain a slow and steady breathing

* Repeat this sequence and conclude by relaxing, revelling in the newfound sense of balance and tranquillity