Healthier lower limb


The lateral or outer thigh muscles play a crucial role in maintaining the hip and knee stability, and the overall lower limb function. Proper functioning of these muscles is essential for athletes, and people engaged in physical activities, as it can enhance performance, reduce the risk of injuries related to the hip and the knee, and contribute to overall lower limb strength and stability. Here is a simple posture to stretch the outer thigh.


☞ Place a chair against a wall and position it at the midpoint of a mat.

☞ Stand in an upright position in front of the chair, approximately two feet away, and around six inches to the right of the mat.

☞ Engage by pulling the kneecaps, rotating the thighs inward, and lifting the chest and navel.

☞ Elevate your right leg, allowing the heel to come to rest on the chair's surface.

☞ Apply pressure to the heel while extending the toes toward the knee, drawing up the kneecap, and pushing down the base of the thigh.

☞ Gradually lean the upper body forward, grasping the chair with your left hand. Stretch your right hand.

☞ Gripping the chair lengthen the torso.

☞ Maintain this stance for approximately half a minute.

☞ Slowly raise the torso and lower the right leg.

☞ Repeat the same steps on the opposite side.

☞ Complete the sequence twice before easing into a state of relaxation.