Don’t back down


Prolonged sitting or standing with slouchy shoulders, frequently looking down at screens, or engaging in activities with a forward head position, can contribute to a rounded upper back. This can lead to muscle imbalance and strain on the neck, the shoulders, and the upper back muscles, causing discomfort and pain. A rounded upper back may affect body image and self-confidence. Here is a posture to help correct the upper back. It also helps the shoulders and the arms.


☞ Place a folded blanket on the seat of the chair.

☞ Sit in an upright position with your back to the chair.

☞ Bring your feet together and move your knees closer to the ground (butterfly pose).

☞ Position yourself near the chair, ensuring your upper back is against the edge of the seat.

☞ Press your palms down and gently lift your hips, leaning your upper back against the chair.

☞ Extend both arms upward and grasp the top frame of the chair with your forearms.

☞ Slowly straighten your arms as you gradually lower your hips to the ground.

☞ Maintain this position for two minutes while breathing slowly.

☞ Release your arms and sit upright.

☞ Repeat the sequence and relax.