A strong and flexible spine


Positioned at the front of the thigh, the quadriceps, along with the muscles in the hips and the trunk, play a crucial role in enhancing stability, balance and posture.

Here is an exercise that engages these muscle groups. It not only benefits the quadriceps but also tones up the muscles surrounding the spinal column, alleviating stiffness in the back and the neck. It provides a healthy stretch to the organs in the pelvis, abdomen and the chest.


* Place the mat against the wall.

* Sit upright on your heels, facing the wall.

* Align your knees to touch the wall.

* Kneel, ensuring the front of the thighs touches the wall.

* Maintain a two-inch separation between heels and knees.

* Position both palms on the waist.

* Gently lean, pressing the hips against the wall.

* Hold the heels with your hands.

* Open the shoulders, bringing the shoulder blades closer.

* Tighten the buttocks and press the thighs against the wall.

* Hold the position for around 20 seconds.

* Breathe slowly—expand the abdominal cavity as you inhale and contract it as you exhale.

* Gradually lift the trunk, sitting back on your heels.

* Repeat twice and relax. Experience the rejuvenating effects of the posture.