Fix your neck and shoulder


The neck and the shoulder are anatomically complex and prone to injuries, besides conditions such as strain, sprain, and nerve compression. Maintaining a proper posture and engaging in regular exercise can help preserve their health and function. Here is a simple posture that can help alleviate excessive strain in the neck and the shoulder:


* Sit cross-legged on a mat with an upright posture.

* Place a yoga wheel, approximately 40cm in diameter and 15cm in width, behind your back.

* Sit with knee flexed, and feet about six inches apart.

* Hold the wheel with your hands and pull it close to the lower back.

* Slowly raise your hips and lean back, resting the base of your neck on top of the wheel.

* Extend your neck backward over the wheel and stretch your arms to the sides, opening your chest.

* Maintain the posture for around 40 seconds, breathing slowly and steadily.

* Slowly lower your hips and return to an upright position.

* Repeat the posture, and relax.