Hip hip hooray!


The muscles surrounding the hip joint—hip flexors, extensors, abductors and rotators—play a crucial role in stabilising and mobilising the hip. These muscles extend into the trunk, contributing to core stability and influencing posture, balance, and overall movement coordination. The hip and the trunk collaborate in various activities, emphasising the integral connection between the two regions for functional mobility.

Here is a simple posture to help the link between the hip and the trunk. It also helps the groin and the knees.


* Position a chair against the wall.

* Keep a blanket on the chair.

* Stand upright in front of the chair, at about one feet.

* At three feet apart, spread the feet.

* Turn the feet 90 degrees out.

* Gently bend the trunk and hold the chair.

* Flex the knees and bring the thighs parallel to the ground.

* Press the feet and tighten the thighs.

* Stretch the trunk and bend forward from the hips.

* Rest the forehead and the arms on the chair.

* Hold this position for approximately two minutes with slow and steady breathing.

* Press the palms on the chair and raise the trunk.

* Slowly straighten the knees.

* Repeat and relax.