Shoulder stretch

  • Photo: Bhanu Prakash Chandra; Model: Manasa Upadhya
  • Photo: Bhanu Prakash Chandra; Model: Manasa Upadhya
  • Photo: Bhanu Prakash Chandra; Model: Manasa Upadhya

Extension is a useful movement of the shoulder joint. This movement is not a frequent one, especially in modern life. Gadget-friendly living has impacted the shoulder complex, resulting in rounded and drooping shoulders. This also has a cascading effect on the neck and upper back. Here is a remedial posture. Note: These postures must be practised in a gradual way. If you have a history of shoulder dislocation, consult your doctor before practising these postures. The facilitator should have a good idea about the practitioner’s limitations.

1. Practitioner lies down in prone position on a yoga mat and stretches both arms back.
2. Facilitator stands at the practitioner's feet with legs apart, holding a belt/rope, and bends forward.
3. Practitioner raises the arms up to hold the belt with both hands.
4. Facilitator gently pulls the belt back so that the practitioner’s arms are straight.
5. Facilitator lifts the belt so that the practitioner’s arms make an angle of 15 to 30 degrees with the ground. (This depends on the flexibility of the practitioner.)
6. Then, gently increase the load by moving the trunk back.
7. Practitioner must rest the forehead on the mat.
8. Stay for about 30 seconds with slow deep breathing.
9. Facilitator gently lowers the belt and the practitioner releases the grip and relaxes.
10. If this is comfortable, the range can be increased as shown.

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