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  • Model: Aishwarya Raman
  • Model: Aishwarya Raman
  • Model: Aishwarya Raman

The calf, one of the prime muscles that help in pumping impure blood to the heart, is made up of two muscles: the gastrocnemius (the larger and bulky) and the soleus (smaller and flat). While walking, running and jumping, the calf pulls the heel up to allow forward movement. The calves bear a lot of load and are prone to cramps. Here is a simple posture to keep these muscles healthy.

* Facilitator sits on the heels with back upright.
* Practitioner stands about two feet away facing the facilitator.
* Practitioner rests the right feet on the facilitator’s knee, pressing the heels on the floor.
* Keeping the right leg straight, the practitioner leans and holds the shoulders of the facilitator.
* Now lifting the left heel, the practitioner pushes the hips forward and stays in the posture for 20-30 seconds with slow and deep breathing.
* The practitioner gently returns to start and repeats with the left leg.

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