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  • Model: Aishwarya Raman
  • Model: Aishwarya Raman
  • Model: Aishwarya Raman

Muscles and joints in the legs have a crucial role in functions like sitting, getting up, walking and running. Calf, thigh and hip muscles, which constitute the lower extremities, need to be strong, and the hip, knee and ankle joints have to be flexible and stable. Squat (Utkatasana) is a popular posture that tones the muscles of the legs and improves the joints. The posture also helps the back and the arms.

* Facilitator and practitioner stand face to face about 3 feet apart.
* Practitioner keeps feet about 6 inches apart with inner edges parallel.
* Facilitator can have a wider base width at the feet.
* Facilitator folds and locks arms.
* Practitioner holds the locked arms firmly.
* Holding the locked arms, practitioner gently flexes knees and straightens the arms, with the thigh bone parallel to the ground.
* Practitioner to ensure that the knees do not overshoot the toes.
* Practitioner should also tighten the calf and hamstring muscles.
* Stay in the posture for 30-60 seconds and return to start.

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