Why did Vikram say 'no' to Hollywood movie starring Keanu Reeves?

He said Hollywood offers small roles to big stars in India

vikram-chiyan via Facebook

Kollywood star Vikram, who is gearing up for the release of his action drama Kadaram Kondan, revealed that he has turned down a role in Hollywood movie.

According to media reports, Vikram was offered a role in a big budget Hollywood movie starring Keanu Reeves. The actor, however, decided to say 'no' to the movie as he felt that the role offered to him was insignificant.

The actor pointed out that Hollywood offers small roles to big stars in India and other Asian countries with the aim of capitalising the huge market in these countries. He then gave a word of advice to actors saying they should be careful not to succumb to such tactics.

He further said that Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan played a minor role in the 2013 movie The Great Gatsby, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan, and added that the fans of Bachchan were disappointed with the role the actor had played.

Produced by Kamal Haasan and starring Akshara Haasan and Lena alongside Vikram, Kadaram Kondan, directed by Rajesh Selva, will hit theatres on July 19.

Vikram was last seen in Saamy Square, a sequel to the 2003 film Saamy.