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Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev


Empowering the Nation

A nation is not its land and buildings—it is its people. If we, as a nation, have to rise and become empowered, the first thing we need to do is to empower the people.

Empowerment is not amassing of material wealth or technology. It is an entirely inner process—a spiritual process. Without the necessary sensitivity, inner balance and the faculty of discrimination in individuals, widespread negativity and perversions creep in. This is how a human being or an entire culture sinks to its depths.

Never before has mankind been as comfortable as it is today. The kind of comforts and conveniences that even kings did not have a hundred years ago are now available to the common man. Today our pursuit for these comforts is so vigorous that the very life of our planet is being threatened. Yet, we are not any happier than our forefathers. This is because we are trying to create an outwardly perfect life, when the quality of our lives is essentially based upon our interiority.


With the advancement of science and technology, we have brought ourselves to a self-threatening situation. It would take just one fool to blow everything up. So spirituality is no longer a fancy pursuit but an absolute necessity for our own survival and the planet's survival. Unless some sense of oneness touches us, especially our leadership, self-destruction is a live threat.

Developing the spiritual core of humanity does not mean propagating any particular religion. Unfortunately, today most religions have been reduced to mere belief systems. And belief systems are bound to conflict with one another. Spirituality means to raise the body, mind and spirit to its true potential. Once this is established, other challenges can be handled effortlessly. When we strive to create human beings functioning at their ultimate potential, their general wellbeing is naturally taken care of.

In every society it is necessary to have people whose passion in life is beyond their own wellbeing. Every society needs those individuals who will go on planting mango trees without thinking whether they will get to eat the fruits or not. Of all the degenerations we have suffered, this is the most damaging. This nation has been deprived of its greatest strength of producing exalted beings who are rooted in a different dimension of existence and whose very presence is a blessing to the planet. We value this culture not because we are born into it, but because this culture had perfected the technology of producing such beings. One example that the world is familiar with is Gautama Buddha. As a prince, he could have had a few more wives and children and ruled over his little kingdom. But as an Enlightened Being, he went on to change the course of life on the planet.

Even today, producing such human beings is not a distant dream, we just need to work for it. With the spiritual legacy of this land, with the spiritual processes that are available to us today, it is definitely a possibility. If we dedicate ourselves to making this happen around us, we will see something tremendous happening in our own lifetime.

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