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No doubt on scope of report


Interview/ Justice R.M. Lodha

BCCI and state associations vociferously opposed your recommendations.

That they were entitled to. The Supreme Court verdict is binding on them, on all of us. All have to respect the order now.

Will the state associations fall in line?

One whole chapter of the report deals with this issue. If there are changes in the BCCI, the states will have to fall in line.

Is the report clear on the issue of electoral college of BCCI and state associations?

The report deals in a big way with that. There should be no doubt or questions regarding the length, breadth and scope of the report.

Do you foresee any difficulty in implementing the report?

Once the change takes place, with time people get used to it. I don't think there will be any difficulty in the implementation of the report. People have to follow the judgment.

Is six months enough to ensure full compliance?

There should be no problem in sticking to the deadline set by SC.

The report talks about uniformity in structure. How will you implement it when state associations are differently incorporated?

There must be uniformity in structure. If necessary, the BCCI should issue guidelines regarding the same. These are mechanical, procedural things which can be done easily and in time.

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