The blue-green phoenix

M.M. Srikanth

With the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, the ancient city of Amaravati is rising like the phoenix. It will, one day, be the new capital of Andhra Pradesh. We envisage Amaravati as a blue-green city, where at least 25 per cent of the area will be covered by waterbodies, with the banks of the river Krishna forming a 30km-long waterfront.

The master plan is ready, and the state government has signed a deal with a consortium of planning organisations from Singapore. While Amaravati will be a 217sq km city, the capital region will spread across 7,420sq km (Mumbai is 4,400 sq km). It is a greenfield city, and we plan to build around the 29 habitations in the region.

Unlike other state capitals, Amaravati will not be powered by the government sector alone. We are looking for a good mix of light industry and knowledge sector partners to ensure that wealth and knowledge flow into the capital.

Amaravati is located between thriving hubs of Vijayawada and Guntur. It will be connected to the highways as well as National Waterway 4. An airport, too, is planned at Mangalagiri town in Guntur. As per the plan, any person will be able to reach a mass transport pick-up point within an eight-minute walk.

For a city to be smart, it has to be smart in its fundamentals. That will be the primary focus. Adding flood resistance into the city’s foundations is an example.

**Srikanth is head of Andhra Pradesh’s Capital Regional Development Authority. As told to Rekha Dixit**

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