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Mehul Choksi's wife plans to appeal to Queen Elizabeth to free him

High Court in Dominica adjourned hearing on a petition filed by Choksi's lawyers

54-Mehul-Choksi Mehul Choksi | Amey Mansabdar

The Mehul Choksi saga in Dominica is continuing with little sign of ending soon. On Thursday, the High Court in Dominica adjourned hearing on a Habeas Corpus petition filed by Mehul Choksi's lawyers.

The Antigua News Room reported "This is to allow lawyers for Mehul Choksi and the Dominica Government to agree on the language to be used with respect to the injunction filed to prevent his removal from Dominica. Both parties are expected to meet to discuss the matter and to inform the judge, who will set a new court date."

Mehul Choksi's legal saga began last weekend, days after Dominica announced his arrest following his mysterious disappearance from his adopted home in Antigua on May 23.

Meanwhile, Priti Choksi, the wife of Mehul, told News 18 on Thursday that she would appeal to Queen Elizabeth for help as she feared her husband's life was in danger if he were repatriated to India. Priti told News 18, "We are going to appeal to the Queen of England to free Mehul Choksi." Queen Elizabeth is the head of state of Antigua and Barbuda. Mehul Choksi had taken citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda in 2018.

Priti Choksi also reiterated an allegation by lawyers of Mehul Choksi that he had been abducted and tortured and a woman was involved in the incident.

"The mystery woman with whom he was last spotted is Barbara. She was an acquaintance and was a part of the kidnapping plot. Agencies from India, Antigua and Dominica have kidnapped my husband. He was tortured. At one point, some men with Indian accents on the boat had contemplated killing and throwing him in the sea," Priti told News 18.

She added, "He (Mehul Choksi) cannot travel back to India because there is a threat to his... life. The kidnapping and torture have confirmed that fear."

Antigua legal proceedings

As the Mehul Choksi saga continues, the government of Antigua and Barbuda has indicated it is pushing to expedite legal proceedings in two matters involving the fugitive in the country. Information Minister Melford Nicholas was quoted by Antigua News Room as saying on Thursday the government preferred that the matters involving Mehul Choksi be heard earlier given the recent developments in Dominica.

The two matters involving Mehul Choksi are his challenge to a Antigua government move to revoke his citizenship and the extradition proceedings against him. Mehul Choksi was slated to appear in court over the matters by November.

Nicholas defended the decision to grant Antiguan citizenship to Mehul Choksi under the country's Citizenship by Investment Programme. He noted Antigua was not aware of the allegations against Mehul Choksi when he applied for citizenship there in 2017.

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