Baloch activists raise slogans at Imran Khan's event in Washington DC

Khan arrived in the US earlier on Sunday, will hold talks with Trump on Monday

Baloch protest Displays erected by Baloch activists outside the Capital One Arena in Washington DC where Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was to address the Pakistani expatriate community | Twitter handle of Baloch Republican Party Media Cell

A group of Baloch youths raised slogans against Pakistan and in favour of an independent Balochistan during the address of Prime Minister Imran Khan at an indoor stadium in Washington DC on Sunday. Khan arrived in the US earlier on Sunday and is scheduled to hold talks with US President Donald Trump on Monday.

Khan was addressing a massive gathering of Pakistani-Americans when the Baloch youths suddenly stood up from their seats and started raising the slogan. Balochs living in the US have been raising their voice against alleged atrocities, disappearances of people and human rights violations in Balochistan by Pakistani security forces.

For the last two days, the Baloch activists have been running a mobile billboard campaign urging President Donald Trump to help end "enforced disappearances" in Pakistan.

The three Baloch youths who were raising anti-Pakistan slogans were far away from the main podium, where Khan was speaking. He could continue his address uninterrupted. About two minutes-and-half later, local security personnel forced them to leave the indoor auditorium.

A few supporters of Imran Khan were seen pushing them from behind and asking them to leave the arena.