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DOMINICAN REP-HAITI-IACHR-SOCIAL-CITIZENSHIP E-learning brings educational content to students at their fingertips.

 Many students in India have embraced e-learning to augment their knowledge in a classroom setting. By using technology, ed-tech platforms provide students with access to quality education right at their fingertips. They also personalize the academic content they provide to students.

For students seeking that little extra beyond their learning in the classroom, these reasons are enough. While the decision might seem straightforward, the choice is not. Different e-learning platforms have different ways of providing academic content to their students. They also have different features and unique selling points (USPs). It thus becomes very important for students to identify the right platform for their needs.

Here are 5 points, as listed by, a learning app catering to classes 5th-12th through personalized learning solutions by leveraging best-in-breed technology, they need to consider before subscribing to an e-learning platform.

1. Do they want fixed or customizable courses?

Most E-learning platforms typically classify their educational content into different grades or classes. Each of them forms an individual course. There are also different such courses for each major competitive or entrance exam.

Some platforms, in comparison, offer students the choice of a customized syllabus. To create one, students need to input their class, board, subjects and tests they plan to take. This way, they can access a course that integrates all of the above. What's more, they can add or change their target test at any point.

2. Will they benefit from a linear or an adaptive learning experience?

The course material in many e-learning platforms is linear in nature. It is created beforehand in a templated manner to facilitate information retention with the efficiency of time. Students, therefore, lack the personal attention they need as per their strengths and weaknesses.

In comparison, some platforms offer an adaptive goal-based learning journey to students. They use technology to understand the learning ability of students and tailor their content accordingly. This way, students can progress through the course at their own pace.

3. Would they want 24x7 access to academic experts?

With the mechanization of learning, many e-learning platforms eliminate the role of teachers by putting the onus of self-learning on students. As a consequence, students who feel more comfortable with the interpersonal aspect of learning miss out on that alternative.

Some platforms, however, allow their students to interact with teachers and even peers in their learning journey. This way, students with doubts and concerns have an avenue to get them resolved; leading to a complete learning experience.

4. How are they planning on accessing the platform?

E-learning brings educational content to students at their fingertips. However, there are different channels that students use to access this content. Some rely on desktops or laptops while some prefer the added convenience of their personal smartphone.


5. Would they prefer a fixed or a modular pricing scheme?

Most e-learning platforms offer a fixed pricing system. All course material and features are available only for a single class; the one that students choose. If students wish to access content for other classes, they have to pay extra. In contrast, some e-learning platforms offer a modular pricing system. Students can pay to access the features they want; whether some or all.

Additionally, students can use these features across multiple classes without any extra fees.

While access to quality education can help students realize their dreams, they still need to make the most of it. That's where e-learning empowers them; by changing the way they learn. It stops feeding them information and gets them to think for themselves and take decisions accordingly.

Their biggest one though, starts one step before.

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