‘Misunderstanding’: BJP’s Poonamben Maadam on verbal spat with MLA Rivaba Jadeja

The verbal spat broke out at a public event in Jamnagar

Rivaba-jadeja-verbal-spat-bjp-ani MLA Rivaba Jadeja engaged in a verbal spat with MP Poonambejn Maadam and mayor at a public event | ANI

MLA from Gujarat Jamnagar North Assembly constituency Rivaba Jadeja and MP from Jamnagar Lok Sabha constituency Poonamben Maadam was engaged in a verbal spat at a public event over ‘use of slippers’ while paying tributes to soldiers.

The video of the verbal spat has gone viral in the social media which reveals MLA Jadeja lashing out at MP and Jamnagar mayor Binaben Kothari. It was alleged that Rivaba, also the wife of cricketer Ravindra Jadeja told the MP and mayor to 'stay in aukaat (limits)'.

Later Maadam clarified that there was a misunderstanding. “There was definitely some misunderstanding and its reaction was visible in the viral video...And as I said, the party is like a family, everyone in it is the strength of each other," Maadam said.

While paying respects to the bravehearts at the event, MLA Rivaba has alleged that MP Poonamben had called her 'over smart' for taking off her slippers.

“Maadam had paid tribute to the Bravehearts by wearing slippers and I took off the slippers. She said in a loud voice that even the ignorant people become over-smart. I did not like her comment, so I spoke out of self-respect...Did I make a mistake by taking off my slippers? Rivaba was quoted by ANI.

Rivaba also said that the MP during the event said that even the Prime Minister and President do not remove slippers in such programs. 


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