Avengers: Endgame leaks — How to find (or avoid) spoilers

How to find or avoid spoilers from Avengers: Endgame online

avengers-4-screenshot A scene from Avengers 4 trailer

How do you know when a leak is legit?

There are many litmus tests. Both seem to test positive in the case of the recent Avengers: Endgame leaks, where five minutes of discordantly-edited footage were leaked onto the internet.

One was when the directors, the Russo brothers, issued a letter and appeal to fans to refrain from sharing spoilers.

The second was the fact that tweets and links containing the leaked file are being removed soon after they are posted.

With just nine days to go until the Avengers: Endgame releases worldwide, fans of the MCU will be torn as to whether they should embrace or avoid such leaks and spoilers. Whichever side you are on, this article is for you.

Finding spoilers

There are two ways to go about watching spoilers on YouTube. One is to watch the “explained” videos on YouTube; channels that go through the leaked footage frame-by-frame to deconstruct what is going on. The other is search for them and sort by most recent. This can be hit-and-miss, but it is the most easy way to find the controversial footage.

Another option is to check the subreddit /r/MarvelStudioLeaks. Although the rules of Reddit bar users from sharing links to such obviously-copyrighted content, there are many threads discussing the footage and quite probably some users sharing links to it.

Avoiding spoilers

Despite the director’s pleas, it may prove impossible to avoid spoilers online. To help you survive the coming week, it would help to explore Twitter’s advanced muting options, allowing you to filter out tweets containing certain words.

How to avoid Avengers: Endgame spoilers on Twitter:

1. Click on Settings and Privacy from your profile image drop-down menu

2. Click on Muted words

3. Click Add

4. Select Home timeline

5. Specify From Anyone (or From Only People I Don’t Follow)

6. Choose one of the following options depending on how long you want to avoid spoilers: forever, 24 hours from now, 7 days from now, or 30 days from now,

7. Click on add

You should now be able to set the keywords you want to be muted, which could include terms like #AvengersLeaked, #EndgameLeaks or even anything to do with the Avengers in general if you want to seal yourself off from Marvel Cinematic Universe news until the film’s release. Repeat the above process from step 4 to mute spoilers from notifications as well.

How to avoid Avengers: Endgame spoilers on Facebook

The process to dodge dodgy details on Facebook is slightly riskier than on Twitter. You need to see a post related to Avengers or spoilers first – exposing you to their unwanted information — and then click on the three dots on the top right of the post. Select the option to snooze the topic for 30 days and you will stop seeing such posts.

However, it does not mute the keyword itself so you might have to repeat this process for all Game of Thrones related pages. The ‘Keyword snooze’ feature once existed, but it is no longer an active option.

How to avoid Avengers: Endgame spoilers on Instagram

You cannot. Users have no control over the keywords that they can mute, with the app only allowing them to mute people or general topics. This means that if your friends have a habit of sharing spoilers on their posts or stories, the only way out is to abhor the platform altogether.