Credibility at stake

Nitish-kumar-Bihar (File) Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

Open Letter to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on allegedly warming up to the BJP

Dear Nitish Kumar,

There was a time when the opposition parties saw in you a future prime minister of the country, a political stalwart who could take the measure of the mighty BJP and storm to power at the Centre, riding on the plank of opposition unity.

But the tide has now turned and you, too, have been exposed as a politician seeking to cling to power at any cost even if it means saving your mahaghatbandhan with a corrupt-to-the-core Lalu Prasad Yadav and his sons.

True, the BJP has offered you outside support if you sever your links with the RJD and the Congress, but you more than anyone else should know that the BJP is a greedy party that hankers for power and might not play second fiddle to the JD(U) for long. It will not hesitate to pull the rug from under your feet when the time is ripe.

Your decision to support the NDA presidential candidate, Ram Nath Kovind, has driven a nail into the opposition unity campaign. It is clear that you would not mind sleeping with the enemy if it can guarantee you the chief minister’s chair. Power is a great aphrodisiac but compromising to the extreme to retain it, is an act that erodes credibility.

The BJP can only be a fair weather friend and the RJD will drag your party into the grave into which it is certain to fall. So, use the wise head on your shoulders, dissolve the assembly and call for fresh elections sans this mahaghatbandhan business.

C.V. Aravind

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