Dyson V15 Detect: High-end cleaning solution for a dust-free home

An efficient wireless vaccum cleaner with useful attachments


Dyson’s vacuum cleaners are well known in several countries, and they have been in the Indian market for a while now, too. The V15 Detect is the company’s high-end offering that comes with a ray of accessories and features to make cleaning more convenient and effective. Available at Rs. 65,900, let’s try and see how well it does so.

The vacuum cleaner has a good handshake-like grip that’s comfortable to get on with for holding it for a few minutes continuously. The side facing the user has a small LCD that shows different particles collected by the machine (bifurcated with respect to microns) using the piezo sensor, and there’s also the option to choose modes in terms of suction power – Eco, Medium and Power. An upgraded 240watt motor sits at the heart of the machine, that drives all the suction. The handheld machine has a flat surface at the bottom to sit on, and comes with a docking station that can be bolted on a wall where you can also charge the machine while hanging it. The build quality here seems satisfactory and so does the whole finish and feel of the machine, having a decent heft to it, though one can argue it’s a little too heavy (2.74kg) for continues usage and the clear plastic used could have been a little better in terms of ruggedness though it still seems okay.

In the box, you get many attachments that you can use depending on your use-case. These include laser slim fluffy, cleaner head, digital motorbar floorhead, hair screw tool, crevice tool, combination tool, mini soft dusting brush and stubborn dirt brush. Each attachment can be attached or detached by pressing the red-coloured nozzle-like part. The inner box where all the dust gets collected is quite convenient to remove and can be simply washed with water and then dried along with the attachments that need to be completely dried before you can reuse them.

The V15 Detect does a really good job of collecting all the dust that comes along the way when used on carpets, sofas, bedsheets and mattresses. The laser slim floorhead can be used with its laser-like green light turned on to give you a better view of the dust that’s around and you can kind of see before and after effects on the same surface, though not all small particles are visible.

The one thing some might find missing is the ability to use the machine in wet conditions, but most of the time, I found the V15 Detect to be efficient enough with cleaning that I didn’t have to redo the whole exercise, seeing the dust collection increasing as per the LCD reading.

From simple floor cleaning to curtains, from stairs and steps to thick carpets, and from pet hair to AC filter debris and dirt, the V15 is powerful enough to get the job done effectively. If you have slected a lower power mode but there’s a lot more dirt to be dealt with, the V15 Detect would automatically go switch to a higher power mode in order to do the required job.


The V15 Detect can take around 4.5 to 5 hours to charge in full using the bundled charger. In Power mode, I found it to last nearly 40 minutes, which isn’t bad at all. While on Eco mode, you can expect it to be around an hour so.

All in all, the V15 Detect is an efficient and effective wireless vacuum cleaner that gets the job done for most use cases. It isn’t meant to be used in wet conditions, but where it can be used, it’s more than good enough while keeping you informed about the dust and particles collected as well as the estimated time charge left. It isn’t an affordable or budget vacuum cleaner by any means, but looking at how well it worked and plenty of attachments it comes loaded with, it might well be useful for individuals looking to splurge to have their house dust-free whenever they use their vacuum cleaner

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