Roopali Mohanti’s new cookbook makes even simple recipes magical

Servings is a book you will enjoy running your fingers over


Servings: Simple yet Exotic is the kind of cookbook you will want to curl up with on a rainy day, sipping a hot cup of tea. It engulfs you with warmth and the fragrance of sumptuous food, especially if you are one who loves turning even the simplest of recipes into something magical.

Mohanti is big on creating meals with a balance of colour, flavour, texture and consistency – what she calls the process of creating the perfect synergy between dishes. Her inspiration comes from eating at the Navy official mess, where she admired the emphasis on the right combination of dishes.

The book covers a wide variety of recipes, from breakfast, appetisers and chai time delicacies, to dishes from different regions of India, with a smattering of world cuisine thrown in for good measure.


But what Mohanti takes pride in are the suggested menu plans that bring together recipes from across the book. Her attempt is to create wholesome, flavourful meal plans that tick all the right boxes.

Going back and forth the 500-odd pages of the book to refer to the recipes can be a tad exasperating; however, the recipes themselves are delightfully easy to follow.

With interesting names for dishes, personal anecdotes, thoughtful curations of recipes, and eye-catching photographs and illustrations, Servings is a book you will enjoy running your fingers over and going back to when you want to try something ‘simple yet exotic’.

It will also make a valuable gift for a novice, or a charming one for a seasoned cook, who’d enjoy going over timeless recipes on a lazy afternoon.


Servings: Simple yet Exotic

By Roopali Mohanti

Publisher: Rupa & Co

Price: 2,500 (hardcover)

Pages: 496

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