Watch | Man goes on a stabbing spree in Germany, shot down by police

Reportedly the incident happened at an anti-Islam event

Stabbing rampage in Germany Man goes on a stabbing spree in Germany's Mannheim | X

In an unfortunate incident, an unidentified man went on a stabbing spree in the central square in the southwestern German city of Mannheim on Friday. Police had shot the attacker, who was also hurt. 

According to the police the violence took place after 11:30 am (0930 GMT). Several people suffered injuries in the attack. However, the specific number of those who got injured is yet to be confirmed, said the officials. Among the victims included a police officer as well. 

Police in a statement said that there was no danger to the public. 

Reportedly, the incident occurred on the sidelines of an event organised by a group known as Pax Europa. The group describes itself as an organisation that cautions the public about the dangers posed by the increasing spread and influence of political Islam. 

The group added one of its anti-Islam activists, Michael Strzenberger, was also among the injured.

The motive behind the attack is still unclear. Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said that it's up to the investigation to determine a motive. In a statement, she said that if the investigation shows an Islamist motive, that would be another confirmation of the great danger from Islamist acts of violence that we have warned of.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz wrote on X that the pictures from Mannheim are terrible and that violence is absolutely unacceptable in our democracy.

The stabbings happened on the Marktplatz, a square in Mannheim's downtown area. The city of about 300,000 people is located south of Frankfurt.


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