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Is marriage astrology really helpful


Astrology plays its role, but only if you have faith in astrology. Many people, especially with higher education with modern thoughts and people in Love, may have this question: Is marriage astrology really helpful, or should we rely on astrology for Marriage? We all know that Marriage is more to do with the relationship between the two persons and their extended families. To understand the importance of astrology, we spoke to one of the top best astrologer in India, Dr Vinay Bajrangi. He explained how the various steps of astrology helps a person in marriage decisions. He said it starts with selecting the best life partner, be it in Love or arranged Marriage and continues with its impact on the career and profession of a person. It is really unique when someone says that married life has anything to do with a person's career, but he explained it well from a commoner's viewpoint. Here are the excerpts of this discussion to understand should we rely on astrology for Marriage and if marriage astrology really helpful? 


Q - Can astrologer tell when will a person get married from birth date?

Dr Vinay Bajrangi: First of all, I will not try to base my answers more on technical astrological points because it is for a good astrologer to interpret all these points for each horoscope individually. However, for this, first, the person should have accurate birth details of the person. A good astrologer can tell when a person will get married from birth details for sure. There are some cycles in every person's life when Marriage Yoga is active, so by identifying that cycle supported with positive Dasha and transits, any good astrologer can predict right time for Marriage. If you miss this good time cycle, best of your efforts yield very little results in person getting married. And person starts blaming the planetary combinations or even maybe things like Mangal Dosha or No Marriage Yoga. Any good marriage astrologer should be able to deduce the best time for your Marriage from your birth chart. 

Q - Can one get all prediction about the life partner?

Dr Vinay Bajrangi –  Oh certainly, one can get all prediction about the life partner. You see, when you are looking for the life partner, what do you expect to know? How will the personality, career, family & economic background of the future spouse? A good marriage astrologer can even predict the direction & distance from where your future life partner will come. 

One can know about bodily features of spouse from 7th house, 8th house in a birth chart indicates background of the spouse. One can know about the career of the future life partner from the 4th house, financial standing from the 5th house, 6th house indicates the spouse's location. Similarly, many more things about the life partner can be predicted from a person's birth chart. Your Navamsha, D-9 chart provides clear answers to all queries regarding the life partner. But you need an experienced astrologer to read your marriage horoscope by date of birth. Still, if you want to know about technical astrology aspects, you can read on my website how to find the best life partner by date of birth . In a nutshell, one can get to know all about your future spouse from your date of birth. Once you have all these hints with you, you can refine your search for the spouse, which helps you find the right life partner and reduces the time you lose looking for the future spouse. I don't think, you could expect anything more from an astrologer at this stage. 

Q – Can we know reasons for late Marriage using astrology?

Dr Vinay Bajrangi: People who have a bit of astrology knowledge, would know that 7th house in horoscope is seen for Marriage. Now, if this house has a relationship with Saturn, it leads to late Marriage. Primary characteristics of Saturn being a slow planet cause this. Further, if your Venus is weak or your 7th house has the influence of malefic planets Rahu, Ketu, Mars apart from Saturn present there, it leads to delay in Marriage. A weak Jupiter causes a delay in Marriage. If the 7th house is empty, then the person faces the situation of late Marriage. These are all known factors in astrology for late Marriage. However, my findings for late Marriage are beyond these astrological reasons for late marriages. These are the human & self-created reasons which cause a delay in Marriage. Don't get surprised, but I mean it. Too much interference of family members, including nearest relatives like mother, father, and siblings, can become a reason for delay in a person's Marriage. Very high expectations regarding status, career, family background, and many so specific parameters for the future spouse also often let the marriageable age go. In today's time, a running race for a career, particularly for females, also becomes a major reason for late Marriage. Then we start blaming the planets. 

I have been an astrologer for marriage issues for almost two decades now,and let me state here that 25% of the cases of delay in Marriage are self-created ones and the ultimate blame goes on to the planets. Late Marriage has its own impact like your search for compatible partner shrinks, physical strains, natural childbirth increasing family responsibility may impact relationship with the spouse, factor of distraction, stubbornness and many such factors become additional hurdles in married life. You can get insights on many such reasons and results of late Marriage reading on  reasons for delay in your Marriage . 

Q – How to check relationship compatibility from birth charts?

Dr Vinay Bajrangi – Very prudent question in marriage decisions. You see, Vedic astrology has defined some Golden rules to check relationship compatibility between the two persons. These rules clearly indicate the compatibility between the two persons and with their family and changed social status. I take exception when people say compatibility only based on Gun Milan. Let me tell you: I have recommended marriages even with 10 out 36 & shown reservation with Gun Milan score of even 26/30 out of 36. I also feel perturbed with questions like: is horoscope matching necessary in love marriage: what is better Love or arranged Marriage: what to do if Gun Milan score is below 18: can we marry without matching the horoscopes: will the Marriage be successful without charts and many similar questions floating around the internet. To all these questions, my simple advice is to please; please, respect the relationship compatibility. Do not decide on Marriage going by mathematical calculation (Gun Milan) or do not adopt any short-cuts. Perfect relationship compatibility is the foundation for Marriage but how one abides by this depends on our own self. I can only suggest the readers read and know how to check relationship compatibility from birth charts ; you will know for yourself, if you do it, Marriage will be a successful & happy relationship. IF you do not believe in matching charts, get this compatibility vetted through marriage counselling. 

You have not asked but let me tell you that the married life directly affects a person's career so make your spouse support for life. 

This was Dr Vinay Bajrangi who says that he has explained many more such things on his website www.vinaybajrangi.com . One can contact his office also on +91 9278555588/9278665588.