Prenatal ‘gender reveal’ video lands Tamil YouTuber Irfan in soup, TN health dept takes action

Health department has reportedly sought clarification from Irfan

Irfan youtube channel A screengrab from the video posted by Irfan in his YouTube channel

A recent video of popular Tamil YouTuber and food vlogger Irfan has put him in a fix and the Tamil Nadu department of health and family welfare has reportedly initiated action against him.

Irfan, a soon-to-be father, has posted a video on his YouTube channel recently, allegedly revealing the gender of the foetus. As per a video posted on May 18, the vlogger and his wife did the sex determination test at a hospital in Dubai. The video also shows the vlogging couple hosting a ‘gender reveal’ party. As per the timeline in the video, the couple visited the hospital in Dubai on May 2. In the video itself, Irfan says sex determination tests are illegal in India, however, it is not so in many foreign countries. The couple allegedly revealed the gender of the foetus in the party video.

However, the Tamil Nadu health department has taken notice of the video and has reportedly issued a notice against the YouTuber. The department has reportedly sought clarification from Irfan and has also recommended police to initiate action against him. 

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