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Kerala transgender couple blessed with baby; says do not want to reveal gender of newborn

The transgender community expressed happiness and excitement in welcoming the baby

paval-rev Transcouple Ziya Paval and Zahhad | Instagram

The transgender couple in Kerala, which recently announced pregnancy, was blessed with a baby at a state-run hospital here on Wednesday, considered to be the first such case in the country.

"The baby was born by around 9.30 am through a Cesarean Section at the Government Medical College Hospital," Ziya Paval, one of the trans partners, told PTI.

Both the baby and Zahhad, her partner who delivered the child, are doing well, Paval added.

However, the trans person declined to reveal the gender identity of the newborn and said they did not want to make it public right now.

Ziya Paval recently took to Instagram and announced that Zahhad was eight months pregnant. Paval and Zahhad have been together for the past three years.

Meanwhile, the transgender community expressed happiness and excitement in welcoming the baby.

Adam Harry, the country's first transgender pilot, said he has never felt such happiness in his life.

"The baby came....both Zahhad and the baby are healthy. Ziya is waiting outside excitedly," the trans man said in a Facebook post soon after the baby's birth.

In the brief post, sprinkled with emojis of love and excitement, Harry also said the gender of the newborn will be revealed when the baby grows up.

"A healthy baby is born. not a baby girl or baby boy... after all who are we to assume their gender. let them grow and explore their identity," he added.

Sheethal Shyam, a trans gender activist, shared the pictures of the trans couple in her social media accounts to convey her happiness.

"That child is born," she said in her whatsapp status.

The trans couple recently revealed that both of them were undergoing hormone therapy to change their genders but halted that for the purpose of having the baby.

Zahhad, who was transitioning to become a man, has stalled it to conceive a baby.

Though they had initially planned an adoption, the couple abandoned the plan midway as the legal procedures were found to be difficult.

Ziya and Zahhad were also worried by the thought that if the child they bring up leaves them, then they would be shattered.

Thus the trans couple had finally decided to have their own biological child and stop the hormone therapy for that.

They had also said that the medical college authorities assured them that breast milk would be made available for the baby from the milk bank there.

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