What Obama asks Modi everytime they meet

This, and the secret of Mamata's annual gifts to the PM, were revealed

[FILE] Narendra Modi and Barack Obama | Reuters [FILE] Narendra Modi and Barack Obama | Reuters

PM Narendra Modi had a long, 'non-political' conversation with actor Akshay Kumar, broadcast on Wednesday. The conversation touched on numerous hitherto unknown topics—how West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee would annually gift him a hand-picked 'kurta'; his busy schedule; how he contemplated becoming a hermit, and more.  

At a point in the interview, PM Modi was asked how he sustained with a mere three-four hour sleep per day. This, the prime minister laughed, was a question former US president Barack Obama posed everytime they met. "Why do you do it, and how do you continue doing it," he [Obama] would ask, said Modi, reported NDTV.

The Congress took a jibe at the interaction. The party said it seems a "failed politician, about to be rejected by the people on May 23, was looking for an alternative employment avenue in Bollywood."

Reacting to the interview, Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said: "Akshay Kumar ji is a great actor and we like him. He is a very successful actor. An unsuccessful politician who has decimated India's economy, who has decimated India's jobs, who has made life hell for India's farmers and the poor, is now trying to become a better actor than Akshay Kumar ji."

-Inputs from PTI