Mirzapur Season 3 Ending Explained: Why did Kaleen Bhaiya kill [SPOILER] in the climax episode?

We can expect more drama and violence in Mirzapur Season 4

Kaleen Bhaiya and Guddu Pandit Kaleen Bhaiya and Guddu Pandit | Amazon Prime

Warning: Spoilers for Mirzapur Season 3

Mirzapur Season 3 saw a slew of unexpected twists and shocking deaths, in line with the earlier seasons. One of the most shocking deaths was in the final episode when the dons aka bahubalis held a meeting to decide the successor to the throne of Mirzapur.

In Season 3 of the Amazon Prime Video series, Kaleen Bhaiya aka Akhandanand Tripathi returns from the dead after being saved by nephew Sharad Shukla. He recovered in a makeshift hospital in Siwan and later moved to Sharad's home in Jaunpur. Tripathi eventually tells Sharad that he has given up the throne of Mirzapur and will back his nephew's claim, just as Sharad had planned all along.

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Chief Minister Madhuri Yadav who was getting closer to Sharad gets enraged after learning that he was behind her father's murder. She feels used as Sharad influenced her in order to target his rivals and increase his power in Purvanchal. Later when she meets him, Madhuri asks Sharad not to hide any truth from her, giving him a chance to admit to killing her father. While withholding the information about why he murdered her father, Sharad reveals that her father-in-law Tripathi is still alive, saying he did not tell her this earlier as it was too late.

Madhuri then asks Sharad to set up a meeting with her father-in-law. During their meeting, Tripathi tells her that he will help Sharad to claim the throne but Madhuri asks him to wait, leaving him confused.

Later, a meeting of the bahubalis in Purvanchal are called and mediated by UP Paschim's representative Munnawar. With Guddu rotting in prison, Sharad claims the throne. However, Munnawar says Purvanchal is weak and it needs Paschim's support and hence all decisions should go through him.

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As the dons object to his stance, Tripathi enters the hall, surprising everyone who thought he was dead. He announces that Sharad is the rightful candidate to the throne and says he will be the "last king of Mirzapur". As everyone tries to gauge what he actually meant, he shoots Sharad. He kills Munnawar too before anyone could react and the police rush in, killing all the gangsters and dons in the hall. A wounded Sharad crawls to reach the throne. Tripathi stops the police from shooting him and allows him to sit on the throne, where he eventually dies.

This scene reveals what Madhuri told Tripathi during their meeting earlier. Obviously, she wanted to avenge her father and made Tripathi kill Sharad. But Tripathi stays true to his word by announcing Sharad as the "last" king of Mirzapur.

In the next scene, we see Madhuri and her aide helping Beena and her son reunite with her husband Tripathi. Beena, who had been relieved that she is done with the Tripathis, is shocked to learn that her husband is alive. In the post-credits scene, we see Beena's housemaid meeting Tripathi's former guard Maqbool and asking him for help. In the next season, we can expect Beena to eliminate her husband with Maqbool's help and take the throne of Mirzapur for herself. Or will Tripathi learn the truth and kill her first?

Another twist in the final episode of Mirzapur Season 3 is Guddu's escape from prison. Golu joins hands with J.P. Yadav to get Guddu out of jail and promises to reinstate him as CM by ousting Madhuri. Before the end credits, we see Guddu walking towards a boat from which Golu emerges. They hug and kiss passionately, hinting at a romance angle in the upcoming season. From the looks of it, the duo is headed to Nepal, where their drug suppliers are based.

We can expect a Tripathi vs Guddu and Golu clash in Mirzapur Season 4. Or will there be any new players coming in to add more drama? We have to wait and watch.

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