Did Atlee chop Nayanthara's role to elevate Deepika Padukone in 'Jawan'?

Nayanthara upset, unlikely to sign new Bollywood projects, says report


Amid the massive box office success of Jawan, fans of actress Nayanthara who starred opposite Shah Rukh Khan in the actioner, might be waiting to see more of her in Bollywood. However, according to reports, the south Indian actress may not sign any more Bollywood projects in the near future.

According to a report in Hindustan Times, the actress is upset about her role being 'chopped' to elevate Deepika Padukone's extended cameo. She has been very upset with director Atlee as she feels her character was sidelined, a source told Hindustan Times.

Nayanthara plays special agent Narmada Rai in the action blockbuster that is breaking box office records.

Though the team referred to Deepika's role as a cameo, it doesn't seem so in the film and the Bollywood actress holds a pivotal space in the plot. The source suggested that Deepika’s role was not a cameo at all and the Jawan was made to look like a SRK-Deepika film. Nayanthara was also missing from the film's promotional events and its success bash. However, the source clarified that Nayanthara has a no-promotion policy and she does not attend these events for her films.

Nayanthara, known as the 'lady superstar of the south', charged Rs 10-11 crore for Jawan, the source told Hindustan Times.

Jawan features Shah Rukh in the role of Vikram Rathore and his son Azad. Deepika essayed the role of Aishwarya, the wife of Vikram Rathore and mother of Azad. Speaking to The Week earlier, Deepika revealed that she did the film for free because she will always be there for Shah Rukh.

At the film's success press conference Shah Rukh joked that he and Atlee "fooled" Deepika into believing that she only had a cameo in the film when she was actually one of the main characters.