Beauty industry is adapting itself to meet changing times, says Shahnaz Husain

There has been a surge in e-commerce and online shopping

73-Shahnaz-Husain-group-md- Shahnaz Husain

Covid 19 has affected the beauty industry in more ways than one, says Shahnaz Husain, founder, chair person and managing director of The Shahnaz Husain Group in India. ''Beauty salons were shut and the negative impact was also felt in the sales of cosmetic products and fragrances. The supply chain of make-up products was disrupted. With masks becoming life-saving, lipstick and foundation sales fell.'' 

However, there has been a surge in e-commerce and online shopping. Beauty brands are predicting future demands by manufacturing hand sanitizers, hand washes and related products. ''We have also launched a Germ Fight Series of herbal products, from hand sanitizers and hand washes, to hand creams, gadget sprays, surface sprays, floor and toilet cleaners and so on,'' says Husain.  

During the pandemic, home beauty care has became more popular,says the beauty Queen of India whose philosophy of beauty is based on traditional wisdom. ''Our focus was also on our skin and hair care kits and different facial kits, which come with step-by-step procedures. They proved ideal for home beauty care. '' 

The beauty industry in India is adapting itself to changing times. While foot falls in salons and stores slowly picking up, beauty brands can also adopt Artificial Intelligence to sell customized products online. ''The customer finds a skin profile that is totally personalized, refers to a virtual card, fills in the details and searches for a custom based beauty product online. With the Covid crisis still to abate, the digital world may provide answers for beauty needs. Beauty care will never go out of fashion,'' she says. 


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