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Subhash-Barala (File) Haryana BJP chief Subhash Barala

Open Letter to Haryana BJP chief Subhash Barala on his comments on the stalking incident involving his son

Dear Subhash Barala,

It is heartening to hear that you have promised action against your ‘stalker’ son stating that the victim is like your daughter. We hope you genuinely mean it and would act accordingly. Often such statements are made to soften the hue and cry against such crimes and slowly allow the initial reactions to subside. The police are usually slow in taking action in such cases since the person involved has high connections. The investigation and legal procedures will take their own time. Meanwhile, more sensational cases will catch public attention and this case will be forgotten.

But the trauma and the pain that the poor girl went through will continue and the parents will get frustrated with the delay in getting justice. If you really intend to protect your “daughter” from your criminal son, do not defend his action but condemn it and get him the punishment he deserves. This will be a lesson for the sons of powerful people who believe they can do anything against law and go scot free. Please keep your promise.

I know it is a difficult decision. But remember that this will be a great service to the society in general and women in particular. People will have high regard for you.

K.R.K. Moorthy


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