A taste of your own medicine



You rose like a shining star on the horizon of Indian politics riding on the shoulders of Anna Hazare and the promise of zero tolerance to corruption. The aam aadmi of Delhi embraced you wholeheartedly and gave the AAP a resounding victory. However, once in power, the chief minister in you took over and the activist was given a quiet burial. You could not digest being a "half chief minister" and took on the Centre for control of the Delhi police and then for the ultimate control of the babudom. Pointing fingers and hurling allegations at the drop of a hat became second nature to you. Every person accused by you was expected to come clean like Sita.

Things have come a full circle, with one of your most trusted lieutenants, Kapil Mishra, hurling allegations of gross corruption, nepotism and misconduct against you and has even gone to the CBI. Your opponents like Yogendra Yadav admit that though personal corruption is hard to believe, your deafening silence on the allegations suggest that you have skeletons in the closet. Everyone from the deputy chief minister to your wife has issued statements but it appears you believe silence is golden. The rules of the game appear to be different when you are the accused.

It is time that you picked the gauntlet and responded to every allegation in true Kejriwal style. It is incomprehensible that a man who openly dares and challenges the likes of the prime minister himself should be silent before the seriously defamatory allegations of his own ex-minister.

Vikas Krishna Bansal

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