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Open Letter to Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on providing security

Dear Siddaramaiah ji,

I express my deep sense of anguish and condolences with numerous voices on the untimely demise of Gauri Lankesh.

It is, indeed, a welcome gesture that you have provided security to the noteworthy thinkers in state. Karnataka has always been recognised for progressive thinking and considered a peaceful state. But, taking away a person's life for having a different opinion or not being prejudiced to an ethnocentric ideology, cannot be morally and legally justified. Life is more precious than ideological perspectives.

The state, in these circumstances, faces a great challenge of putting a check on such evil forces and delivering justice to the lives lost. The security provided cannot be a sustainable solution but for the time being, it can be a deterrent. The need is to protect life and harmony in the state by modernising the police forces and increasing digital surveillance, by installing more CCTV cameras. Also, swift trial courts should be introduced in cases similar to that of Gauri Lankesh.

I believe it is time that your leadership rises above the ordinary and sets a precedent for justice and peace in the state. Actions speak louder than words or promises.

Thank you,

Moin Syed

Gulbarga, Karnataka 

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