'The pinnacle of chic is best exemplified by classic bandhgala tailoring'

Designer and Rajasthan royal Raghavendra Rathore shows you a slice of Jodhpur life


My personal style is: 'Modern classic’, it prioritises comfort while being rooted in old-world aesthetics. Having grown up in an environment that blended the agility of boarding school bravura with the strict code of cultural conduct, I find myself drawn to simplicity with an edge.

My personal style icon: The late Rajmata Gayatri Devi has always been a true inspiration. Her grace, poise, and the way she carried herself continue to inspire my work, and I cherish the memories I have shared with her in my early years.

An item in my wardrobe that means a lot to me: The brand’s first-ever bandhgala jacket holds a special place in my wardrobe. It now serves as a vintage inspiration for the prototypes made by the brand season after season, reminding me of our humble beginnings and the journey we’ve embarked upon as a menswear bespoke brand.

My favourite souvenir from my travels is: Small silver relics I’ve picked up from a flea market in Florence. Each piece is a testament to the amazing craftsmanship and their remarkable ability to celebrate cultural history and tell beautiful stories through products.

Silver-ware A small silver relic from Florence

The best gift I have received:  Given by my father, a mythical mix metal ‘kadha’. Handed down generations, it serves as a constant reminder of beginnings that were humble. It is an uncompromising reminder of a memory and a story, forever.

RR-Kadha The mixed metal kadha

The best gift I have given: The time I dedicate to my NGO. It may be limited, but it creates a truly rewarding impact that resonates with people from all walks of life, amplifying the  significance of the gesture.

The last thing I bought:  Shares in cutting-edge technology companies, these visionary enterprises have the potential to transform our world and our lives for the better. Their impact is poised to reshape the future by driving positive change on a global scale, it also allows us to support and nurture their groundbreaking advancements.

The last book I read: 'The Queen’s Gambit,' the American novel by Walter Tevis. It is intense and provides a fascinating insight into the mind of a genius, and most importantly, the resilience of the human spirit.

The last film I loved: 'Treason', the British spy thriller mini-series. It has an intricate plot and compelling action, even though I would have preferred a different turn of events towards the climax of the movie. Family, politics and a British plot, very captivating and perfect for a summer watch.

My Spotify list would include these songs:  My Spotify playlist features ‘Happier Than Ever’ by Billie Eilish and ‘Apocalypse’ by Cigarettes After Sex. Despite their somewhat dark undertones, these tracks offer a refreshing sound that helps to stimulate the imagination and facilitate uninterrupted brainstorming sessions, particularly when working in my studio.

My beauty/ wellness routine is: Boarding school instilled a strong discipline towards a hygiene-first regimen. The routine prioritises colognes over cosmetics and maintains a balanced lifestyle that includes weekly stretch massages, light cardio sessions, and a diet rich in protein and vegetables – well-being from the inside out.

My favourite holiday destination: The secluded leopard country in Narlai, midway between Jodhpur and Udaipur. This enchanting escape allows me to connect with nature and find solace in the tranquility of the wilderness.

Rajasthan Narlai

I love to collect: I love to collect old antique engineering marvels and retro technologies. These fascinating glimpses into the idea of ingenuity remind me of the boundless creativity and innovation that have shaped our world.

My fridge always has: Hummus and a global selection of cheese, inviting a Middle Eastern culinary adventure henever the mood strikes. Not far away, an uncorked bottle of AG is always at hand, offering a perfect respite from the Jodhpur heat before heading to the open terrace.

AG A bottle of AG wine

Minimalism or maximalism: A good mix of the two professionally, but in my art studio there is a wealth of materials, inspirational objects, a work bench full of tools, so certainly will qualify for the latter. Artists generally don’t have the privileges of a non-cluttered mind, even if they embrace simplicity.

My home looks like: It exudes a timeless 1920s feel, a bit reminiscent of a clip from a Merchant Ivory film. It captures historical reference through pictures, textures and objects that have become synonymous with the Jodhpur lifestyle.

My favourite mix of traditional and contemporary is:  The pinnacle of chic is best exemplified by the classic bandhgala jacket tailoring, which seamlessly merges heritage styling with a modern flair. By effortlessly blending elements from both the past and the present, this timeless piece epitomises the ultimate in refined elegance.


My best ideas come when: I find myself in solitude, allowing for a peaceful disconnect from the world. In these moments of stillness, I find that my creativity and clarity are amplified, enabling me to think way beyond the normal limits, in a noisy world.

The best way to spend Rs 20,000 is:  Invest and reinvest through a compounding route to beat the inflation of life.

My idea of happiness is: the aim is to feel ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being’. A sense of freedom and joy that comes from embracing life’s experiences and finding meaning in the present moment.

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