How Abhijit Banerjee's Nobel set off a dhokla vs Bengali food war on Twitter

A lot can surely happen over food


After Kolkata-born economist Abhijit Banerjee was declared one of the winners of the Nobel Prize for economics, an usual war of words began trending on Twitter. The battle was all about food, and would leave one wondering what the coveted award had to do with gastronomy.

It started with a woman tweeting against 'dhoklaeaters', telling how the Bengalis who ate fish, mutton, beef and pork, gave the country Nobel Prizes, national anthem and vande mataram. The tweet went viral, irking many social media users who came out against her for her comments.

The 'dhoklaeaters'—primarily Gujaratis—also went on to give a list of their state's contributions to the country. And it is not just Bengalis or Gujaratis who pitched in with their two cents. In the avalanche of tweets that followed, it is next to impossible to track what was said, and left unsaid.

A lot can surely happen over food.